Grafton – April 4

Good afternoon all!  The Grafton community members have been busy this week so I wanted to share an update with you.  They have been focusing on getting the word out about the upcoming community meeting.  Below is what they have done so far and what they still plan to do:

*Announcement in Extension Newsletter was sent out and posted this week –

*Announcement on the City Bill was sent out last week

*The Turn This Town Around – Grafton Facebook page went live this week and is up to 410 likes as of this afternoon!  An announcement regarding the community meeting has been posted.

*An announcement has been sent to several local newspapers – The Mountain Statesman, The Times West Virginian, The Exponent Telegram, and The Dominion Post

*A flyer is being finalized now and will be sent out to the community next week.  Several people have volunteered to post the flyer around town.

*The community meeting will be announced during church services and the flyer will be posted in the church bulletins/newsletters.

The RSVP’s for the meeting have already started rolling in!  I have even received emails from folks that are now living out of state and want to keep up with what is going on with TTTA and Grafton.

Have a great weekend!


Amanda Yager
Director of Community Strategies
WV Community Development Hub

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