Matewan TTTA Meeting – Projects & Commitments

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update on the projects and work commitments that came out of last week’s Matewan Turn This Town Around Meeting.

Some quick numbers:

  • 46 projects had at least one person commit 4 hours per month of time to move them forward (the list of those projects is attached).
  • Over 60 people signed up to volunteer on projects to improve Matewan.
  • In total, 461 hours per month were committed by Matewan community members to volunteer on projects. (An average of about 7 ½ hours per month per person.)
  • 75 people attended the meeting – less than our goal of 100 but pretty close (and exactly the number of chairs we had in the room, so that worked out well!).

There were 189 projects in total suggested, though some of those were duplicative (ex: about 10 projects suggested variations of cleaning up the town). The vast majority of them were distinct projects. This is useful to see that there is not a lack of creativity and ideas about how to improve Matewan. I have the total list of all projects available if anyone is interested in seeing that.
As we mentioned in the meeting, a number of projects have already begun in the past month and a half since our first TTTA meeting, all through local leadership. These include:

  • Old high school building turned into community center and local sports and youth activities (including t-ball, softball, etc) started.
  • Fitness center opening soon. Official grand opening is May 3.
  • 2 town-wide Beautification Days (clean-up days) with 25+ people at the first event. Materials for trash pickup, including bags, gloves and safety vests provided for free by local company, free food provided by local restaurant.
  • Adopt-A-Highway program started along highway in Matewan – official clean-up materials and sign coming within the next month.
  • Tug River clean up – trees and debris cut down along Tug River for beautification.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you this evening in Grafton!


Stephanie Tyree
Director of Community Engagement and Policy
WV Community Development Hub

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