Grafton – May 21

Last week was a busy and exciting time in Grafton!

May 13 – Castlecreek Playground Clean Up – Jenny Murray along with a group of about 28 kids began work on the playground.  They spent the majority of the day staining and painting some of the playground equipment.

May 14 – Leer Mine – Kent and I attended the Leer Mine Community Advisory Panel meeting to talk about Turn This Town Around.  The group is interested in getting involved in the community and possibly taking on a project through Turn This Town Around.  Their next meeting is scheduled for June 11 where they will discuss the projects in more detail.  We hope to receive some good news out of this meeting.

May 15 – Community Garden Project – This was the first group meeting for this particular project.  The group discussed interest in community gardens, role of WVU Extension Service, types of community gardens, possible community garden locations, grants, etc.  A survey was sent out to the community following the meeting to receive feedback from interested groups, organizations, and individuals that might be interested in renting a plot in the community garden.

May 17 – Memorial Day Clean Up – A group of community members met on Saturday morning to prepare Main Street for the upcoming Memorial Day festivities.  They planted flowers/shrubs, painted, repaired the marquee on the Manos Theater, washed and painted the caboose, etc.  Local businesses donated a hotdog lunch for the volunteers to enjoy at the end of the clean up.

Upcoming – The community members are busy preparing for this weekend’s Spirit of Grafton Celebration!

Save the date!  The next community meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 16th at 6pm.  We will be meeting at the Church of the Good Shepherd.  More details to come!

Thank you!


Amanda Yager
Director of Community Strategies
WV Community Development Hub

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