Bike Friendly Matewan Team awarded $3000 grant

The Bike Friendly Matewan Team was awarded a grant of $3,000 from the Try This Mini Grant Program.

Letter below:

Dear Matewan Try This Team,


You are heroes in your community, and we are happy to support the work of your team. Today, you are joining 41 other community teams statewide to help build West Virginia’s healthy lifestyle network. Together, you are the backbone of the Try This movement to get our state off of all those worst health lists. It’s up to us!

On behalf of all of our Try This partners and our mini-grant funders (the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation, Unicare Health Plan of WV, the WVDOE Office of Child Nutrition, and the WVDHHR Bureau for Public Health – Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease), I am pleased to present you with a grant award of $3,000 for use in your project to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Encourage visitors and citizens to take advantage of exercise in a safe environment
  • Become nationally recognized as a Bike Friendly Community
  • Fund bike-safety course materials, brochures, ads, bike rack construction, etc.

The response to the first-ever Try This mini-grant process exceeded every expectation. We received 46 outstanding proposals – most of which engaged diverse teams, most of which had clear outcomes, all of which overflowed with passion. We apologize for the delay in letting you know – we’ve been scurrying for the past week and raised an additional $31,000 to help meet your requests. We could not fund every project to the degree we wanted, but we are proud to help you as best we can.

We are also happy to offer your community a Try This helper – someone who can answer questions, help connect you to trainings, resources, and the Try This site; follow you through the process; and generally pitch in to make your project a success. Your helper is Amanda Yager, and you can reach her at 804-543-1761 or She will be in touch soon,

Here’s what we need from you, to get you your check.

  1. Read carefully and sign the attached MOU. We ask you to keep track of your work, let the group know what’s happening, and take pictures so other groups down the line can learn from you.
  2. Complete the “Other Opportunities” survey. These are resources – other than money – we can offer you, through our statewide partners. Feel free to say yes or no to each item. The survey will be helpful to your helper.

Scan and return both documents to by July 20.

One last thought: matching funds! You have proved you can dream up a positive project and find money to fund it. That puts you in perfect position to ask for matching money from other sources, such as your county commission, local foundation, etc. Many of you already plan to ask such groups to match or add to the amount you got on your own. To see how this process works, be sure to read the new Funding square on the Try This site: (While you’re asking the commission for match, ask local businesses to sponsor T-shirts and other swag!)

Please extend our congratulations to your entire team. Working together, you’re showing real leadership. You are the spirit of Try This… It’s up to us!

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