Turn This Town Around News

There are a lot of things happening over the next week in both Grafton and Matewan, be sure to stay in the loop.



Tonight (July 14) at 6pm – Clean up in front of the depot

Tuesday, July 15 at 6:30pm – City Council Meeting

  • The results from the Walkability Study will be presented
  • The community garden group will be requesting permission to use the vacant lot that the city owns on Main Street next to NewRay Reality and across from the B&O

Wednesday, July 16 from 3pm to 6pm – Farmers Market in front of the Depot

Monday, July 21 at 6pm – Turn This Town Around Meeting at the Church of the Good Shepherd



Wednesday, July 16 from 11am to 10pm – My Mobile Market Kid’s Event

  •  The Farm Fresh 4U program to improve access to healthy foods will be providing $30 kid’s vouchers to each family who brings a child to the event.  The vouchers can be exchanged for fresh fruit and veggies

Wednesday, July 16 at 6pm – Turn This Town Around Meeting at the UMWA Building

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