Whitesville takes aim at bad buildings

Whitesville 01

Here’s some exciting news coming out of Whitesville, from our friends at the West Virginia Community Development Hub:

Whitesville – a 2015 Turn This Town Around community – is one of nine communities in West Virginia receiving technical assistance support this year through a “BAD Buildings” grant from the Northern West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Center at West Virginia University.

Where can communities like Whitesville start?

  1. Do a local inventory.
  2. Create a vision of what you want you town to be.

The problem of what to do with dilapidated buildings can be so large and overwhelming that it’s hard to know what can be done.

“This is an issue Whitesville has tried to confront in the past but we just ran into the proverbial brick wall,” says Kim Browning, a local leader of the Whitesville BAD Buildings team. “We have had our first meeting already and hopes are high. In that meeting the community as a whole discussed the problems BAD Buildings cause the town and problems in the way of fixing it. We also talked about what we as a community would like to see our town look like in 5 to 10 years from now. Our small town is in a unique position to make our town whatever we want it to be at this point.”

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