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Matewan TTTA Meeting – Projects & Commitments

Hi everyone, Just a quick update on the projects and work commitments that came out of last week’s Matewan Turn This Town Around Meeting. Some quick numbers: 46 projects had at least one person commit 4 hours per month of time to move them forward (the list of those projects is attached). Over 60 people signed up

Grafton – April 18

Good morning!  Something great came out of Grafton this week and I wanted to share it with you all.  Alex Reneman is a Grafton community member and local business owner (Mountain Leverage).  He approached me after the first meeting in Grafton and said he had an idea for creating a happiness index for Grafton.  I

Matewan – April 11

The April Beautification/Clean-Up Day is coming up this Saturday, April 12. They will be doing all day clean up again in and around Matewan. Town members secured bags, vest and clean up materials through the DOH Pride program last month. They had a great clean up day then and are expecting to have another good one on Saturday. The Matewan

Grafton – April 4

Good afternoon all!  The Grafton community members have been busy this week so I wanted to share an update with you.  They have been focusing on getting the word out about the upcoming community meeting.  Below is what they have done so far and what they still plan to do: *Announcement in Extension Newsletter was sent

Grafton – March 26

Hi all!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and is ready for the warm weather that is headed our way!  Hopefully many of you have already heard/seen the story WV Public Broadcasting did about Grafton and Turn This Town Around, but in case you did not here you go Make sure to check it out